Atha Yoga Anusasanam

Patanjali’s first Sutra

Dear all tomorrow the school reopens, in the meantime everyone will have practiced as she/he was able. It is useless to remember that this wonderful practice produces changes in us only if diligently, with discipline and ardor we are able to dedicate time to it every day. Great strength is returned to us, not only physical but also mental precisely by virtue of the commitment it requires, without attachments to results or aversions in difficult moments.

Patanjali’s first Sutra says “Atha Yoga Anusasanam” Anusasanam is the result of all the ancient knowledge of Yoga, Atha means Now!!! This is therefore the moment (and Now always is) to immerse yourself in this ancient knowledge, to start a path of self-knowledge with confidence, looking for yourself in your own breath.

We at the school will try to give you our small contribution to make your intention strong, but the path is yours.